Benefits of Recycling Your Old, Used Cell Phone

Most people know the benefits of recycling and make an effort to recycle common items such as plastic bottles, cans and paper. Cell phone recycling, however, is something that is often overlooked. There are many benefits to recycling your old, used cell phone, so let’s take a look at several of these benefits.

  1. Help the Environment
  2. An obvious benefit to recycling your old cell phone is it helps the environment. Cell phones are made up of many different kinds of plastics and metals, not to mention the chemicals inside cell phone batteries. Throwing away your old cell phone in the trash results in all of these plastics, metals and chemicals sitting in landfills, which can be very harmful to the land. On the other hand, when you recycle your old cell phone it either gets used by another person or is processed in a recycling facility that can properly dispose of any materials that are harmful to the environment.

  3. Earn Cash for Yourself
  4. One thing that most people don’t realize is that you can actually get paid to recycle your cell phone. There are a few companies out there that pay you cash when you send them your old cell phone. It’s good money too, as much as several hundred dollars for old smart phones and iPhones. That’s right, when you want the latest model of the iPhone why not recycle your old phone and pocket some cash to help offset the purchase of a new phone. We’ve reviewed many of the companies that pay you for your old cell phone and other electronics, and our favorite by far is Gazelle. They have a reputation for excellent service (they’re rated AAA by the Better Business Bureau), have the highest payouts in the industry, and the will pay you to recycle all types of electronics such as cell phones, laptops, cameras and more. If you’re ready to make some cash by recycling your cell phone (or other electronics),visit Gazelle now.

  5. Support Charities
  6. If you’re not interested in making cash for yourself from recycling your old cell phones, you may decide to donate it to your favorite charities. You can use a service such as Gazelle and select the charity of your choice to receive the proceeds. Several other charities will accept cell phone donations directly. This is a great way to both help the environment AND charity at the same time!

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